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Company Profile

Aram Interior & Landscape Design. The company had emerged more than (14) fourteen years ago and continually claims its hotspot within the gulf in conceptualizing exceptional designs, among its valued clients and community. Lies in the heart of Dubai, U.A.E., that constantly learns new design trends within the global arena produce a sate-of-the-art design.

Since 2000, Aram Interior  & Landscape Design is proud to have a solid reputation as an Interior Designer and Landscape company based in Dubai providing landscaping and construction services to property owners, offices, shops and stand holders where every one of the clients are treated as special and puts together a team of professionals to ensure the job is completed to an exceptionally high standard, finished on time and within the allotted budget. Leaders in enhancing design standards and considerations towards Green and Sustainable Design of its built environments.

With its projects such as offices based in Jumeirah Lake Tower and several villas in Arabian Ranches, Meadows, The Spring, Emirates Hills and numerous commercial stands in Deira City Center, Festival Center and Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Batuta Mall, and Dubai Mall are among the continuing partners that gives a positive impact to the company and its team.

Through its passion, dignity and diverse ideas, Aram Interior & Landscape Design, inserted much effort in providing its client the best. Everyday is a job well done for each team, that’s why the organization may consider within the Emirates as a haven of rich ideas and with its innovative global design solution where different cultures meet and produce common result for a certain project.

Aram Interior & Landscape Design moves forward in achieving its goals. Each member has proven his or her various talents within the industry. Whereas, team members consults and work together providing the best solution to create a state-of-the-art design.

Looking for proof ?

Aram Interior & Landscape Design, invites you to explore within its portfolio, see for yourself and engage through an organization who will provide you an exceptional but budget-oriented design and suits your desire.

 team members, welcomes you to a new breed of design, a spectrum of expertise, professional capability and high-standard serving you to the fullest.

Our landscape division offers (Built-Design)

Landscaping -Hardscaping -Irrigation -Pool and water features -Customized Gazebos and Pergolas -Outdoor bar and kitchens -Plants and Flowers Trading

 Our Interior design division offers (Built-Design-Maintenance)

Complete Furnishing Solutions -Customized Interior Design and Decoration -Kitchens and Bathrooms -Carpentry & Joinery works -Tile and marble fixing -False ceiling and partition -Lighting and ceiling design -Exhibition halls and stands (kiosk). 

 Full Turnkey Solution:

From the scratch drawn up to the final execution, our team always concern what’s on your mind, enabling us to make your project flow as smoothly as possible without disturbing you on your spare time or family gatherings.

We simply collect your key and handover your dream home or offices into reality. We are committed in providing our clients with the best possible services and Up-to-date techniques and information through up-grading our skills and level of Education.

As committed professionals, we hold ourselves to an industry as recognized set through standards and ethics. This can be seen through our issued certifications and commitment to excellence in customer service.

We work with you from budget to completion to make your project a successful one and an unforgettable experience that you may keep through your entire life right from your backyards or in your home interiors.

Enhancing the possibilities we can offer, and committed in applying your goals as we guide you and in return as envisioned by you we the team of professionals enables to level-up our services working with you.

The main office and show room is located in Al Quoz Industrial-2 next to Emirate Printing Press -Ware House No:S1

 Best Regards,

A Certified ISO 9001:2008-Quality Management System, s. 2014
Executive Office of the Managing Director and A.I.L.D. Team.

P.O. Box: 211198, Dubai-United Arab EmiratesT: +(971) 4 3235955
F: +(971) 4 3235956





ENGR. ARAM FATHALI SHAHRIARI + C.E.O.Executive Office of the Manager

Engr. Aram Shahriari who graduated from a reputed University in Iran, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Interior Design (Tehran University), is behind this remarkable company. Thus, established way back (14) fourteen years ago in Iran (company) and decided to continue here in the Middle East. After graduating from institution, given the earnest and desire to understand the work in the field of Engineering and Design, paved him to establish his own firm named after him. Amongst his featured Interior Designs and Landscape projects were based in numerous places like Arabian Ranches, Meadows, The Spring, Emirates Hills to name a few. According to him, starting a company wouldn’t be easy in the first place, but if you tracked the right determination and passion the build, then we claim our success.

SYEDA NAJAF SADIQ + Account’s ManagerAccounts, Business & Administration Department

Commonly called by her colleagues as Ms. Najaf, she is the current Account Manager of the company for about (3) three years and counting. What made her secure the position inside the company is because of her determination and willingness to learn. And most appropriately, because of the experiences she earned from different respected companies (Askari Commercial Bank, UNI Computer Corporation, SAMBA Bank Ltd.,). She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Punjab, Lahore and Masters in Business Administration specializing in Finance and Accounting from Preston University.


AGNETA OMALSA + Administration ManagerAccounts, Business & Administration Department

From over (7) seven years of past experiences are the reason behind what keeps her record in the frontline of the corporate world. Her active dedication, flexibility and fineness is the key role that made her secure the position inside the organization. Amongst are some her past related companies whom she acquired her experiences like in Certified Oilfield Rentals L.L.C. (Dubai), Middle East Builders Mechanical Group (Dubai). She graduated with Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Silliman University, accounted as one of the best accredited university in her country (Philippines). She is also currently a proud active member of the Dubai’s Team for Dragon Boat.  

FRIJOHN KEITH MANALASTAS + ArchitectTechnical & Visual Design Department

A graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture specializing in Design and Interior Space Planning from the Far Eastern University, Manila (Philippines), and this young lad had so much to offer in the company. Being a support directly to the General Manger, he was also the reason behind the ISO Certification of the company, and an active delegate for an annual international building & construction shows and seminars. At his early age during his final term in the institution (College) before graduating, he was exposed into a various design field works, whereas most of his experiences are Residential and Commercial Building Interior Designs and External Developments, Interior Modification, broad range of expertise in Space Planning, Furnishing, General Design, Drawing Presentation and Submittals. Amongst his previous companies were Arch. Jonathan O. Gan + Associates (Philippines), Marine Hub Interiors Consulting Co., L.L.C., (Dubai), De Jardin Landscaping Co., L.L.C. (Dubai.)  


MOHAMMED RAFEEQ T.K. SULIMAN + Interior Design EngineerTechnical & Visual Design Department

A leader when it comes to 3d visualizing. Rafeeq or sometimes called by his colleagues as Mohammed. A young and energetic guy, who took his degree being an Interior Designer, trained from the School of Interior Design & Architecture in Brainnet Better Employ with a program in Advanced Diploma in Computer Aided Interior Designing (Bharat Sevak Samaj), gaining an A+ mark during his college days. Noted for being so exceptional in his 3d renderings. Before entering A.I.L.D. Team, Mohammed spend his journey working from a numerous respected company like of different countries in Amart Builders Co. (Kerala), Mythia (Bangalore) and Alliwan Interiors (Qatar), whereas gaini almost (4) four years of experience and counting, justifying to make realistic views throughout the  schematic process of the design, which mostly amazed company’s client. His creativity, flexibility and high-standard of understanding using different software/s (BIM) – AutoCad (2d & 3d), 3d’s max, V-Ray, Corona Render and Photoshop made him secure the position inside our organization. Currently he is also specializing Space Planning for Residential/Commercial and Kiosk (Stand) Design.


BIJU JOSEPH + Site Supervisor
Carpentry Design & Execution Department

Mr. Biju started his professional growth by the year 2005 as a Joinery Supervisor in Mumbai, then after a couple of years he paved his way by entering U.A.E. acquiring numerous experiences as Site Supervisor for different projects like in Godl Souq, Fujairah, JLT GOld Towers, Jumeirah, Marina, Nadal Hamar and other parts of Dubai. He was able to secure as his position as a Site Engineer for numerous projects which elevates his career path for Ruler’s Court (Bur Dubai), Immigration Center (Al Karama), Immigration center (Fujairah), Union Cooperative (Al Aweer) and ADIB Bank (Al Rigga). Mr. Biju holds the Diploma in Interior Designing from Mumbai, India and currently working as Site Supervisor inside the organization.


SHAHYAR KHAN + Marketing Consultant/Site Supervisor
Carpentry Design & Execution Department

Mr. Khan is the current Marketing Consultant and at the same time our Site Supervising Officer. Over (17) years of experience what keeps him striving for more. A man who is dedicated and always on-the-go. Before reaching his position in the organization he had worked for many notable companies like in Boston Aluminum & Glass Co., Al Razouqi Aluminum & Glass Co., Intermetal Limited Co., from a humble beginning as a Store Keeper till he landed as the Manager for Site Supervising, he still has the passion to work along with his colleagues. Mr. Kahan obtained his Bachelor of Arts in the University of Peshawar from his origin, and was also awarded by his government as one of the best Cadet Officer for serving his country.

Conceptual Design
Conceptual Design

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) is dedicated in providing a wide range of special ideas produced by our most talented professionals, allied professions and interns that came from different cultures yet promoting its common goals.

Conceptual Design is the brain-storming stage of each team, professionals and together with its valued clients.

Conceptual Design may vary in residential, commercial, kiosk, stand, landscape whereas client get to be involve to inform his/her designer what are the requirements in a certain projects. This is also where the designers reflect deeper meaning of the design and strategically communicate with other expertise to create numerous and diverse concepts.

Supply of Flowers and Plants
Supply of Flowers and Plants

Looking for an organization that specializes in Supply of Flowers and Plants?

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) brings out the best and fresh plants and flowers right to your gardens, lawns and open grass area. Our organization also specializes in bringing the finest design floral arrangement inside your parameter. Because we don’t only proposed, but we learn from our common professionals and experts as we share the knowledge from the outside and diversely we apply it on our design with purpose and justification.


Lighting Solutions
Lighting Solutions

Interior, Landscape, Kiosk and even your commercial assets will never be complete without lighting, that’s why if you happened to see that your Courtyard, Lawns or Open Area, Interior Space or your business stand as well looks too dark?, then Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) has its solution, because from LED’s, Classic Lamps up to Luminaire Modern Designs we create the passion to arrange it for you to make your properties a brighter place  to stay with.

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) specializes in designing lights installed on Swimming Pools, Landscape parameters, Water Features, Gazebos, Wooden and Modern Pergolas and right to your Entrance Door as well and many more. Our organization has so much to offer and we deliver the best quality product for your safety and enhancement of your personal properties.

 Click and enjoy on our exceptional portfolios and see for yourself.

Pools & Waterfeatures
Pools & Waterfeatures

When it comes to Water Elements, Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) acquires its best practices as well through these fields. Pools are one of our organization’s most deliverable services to offer characterized as affordable with its best quality of materials rendered to enhance the satisfaction of our clients.

Breathe-taking Design of Falls (Water Features) from Rustic – Natural – up to Modern Designs is most of countless passion which we can offer right inside your property or even to your commercial business assets.


Landscaping never been so tough for our organization to produce the best and incomparable designs that we deliver to our clients, because Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) at its very own description, it is one of the main ingredients in which our staffs and professionals continuously strives to deliver the new trends in such practice, the reason behind why Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) never been left behind when it comes to such services.

Client keeps craving for more and it is because our passion to learn and day-to-day we adapt the same strategies to our clients with different approach to achieve the best service what they want for their Villas and commercial entities which connotes to our main goal.

From our respected past centuries design up to our modern time design in Landscaping, Aram Interior Design & Landscape is capable to produce them all. It is because our team are gauge with the knowledge and expertise as well, which surely our client’s side is always on the right track while working with us.

 Click and enjoy on our exceptional portfolios and see for yourself.

Showroom, Exhibition Stands

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) when it comes to design, all are flexible enough because our team never surrenders even in small-scale design like Kiosk, Stand or even personalized bar. As you walk along the aisle of DFC, Ibbn Batuta, Mall of the Emirates or even in Dubai Mall, then surely you might not notice that you’ve seen some of our brilliant stands and kiosks.

Click and enjoy on our exceptional portfolios and see for yourself.

Space Planning
Space Planning

Space Planning is the start-up engine of all design; this is one the most important part where all staffs are gathered to combine different spices of design to come up with a special product. Every detail and every space are considered and that is what Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) are capable of. With its strict compliance through higher authority’s rules and regulations are also our main principles in designing.

We offer Space Planning for Residential Interiors, Offices, Commercial Units, Stand, Leisure, School and many more.

Residential Design
Residential Design

People say that Residential is the hardest structure to build, that’s why we do it with heart. We get along with clients and more and more we happen to know them deeper, and the strength of our design came from their opinions and likes.

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) offers a wide-range of design solution for all kinds of residential types may it be your own apartment, villas or enormous palaces.

Commercial Design
Commercial Design

Nowadays, many people are engage in establishing their own business; it could be their personalized Shops, Restaurants, Supermarkets and even a one-stop establishment where people use to mingle and but their supply for everyday living.

That is why, Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) humbly deals with the passion to create the best design solution for all kinds of Commercial Establishments, join together with other related expertise, to bring the best and the most updated certain development right to our clients.

Aram Interior Design & Landscape (L.L.C.) offers wide range of service in Commercial modification, beautification, and re-development of certain existing commercial sets.

31 Aug 2014

ARAM INTERIOR & LANDSCAPE DESIGN L.L.C., receives its first professional citation as an ISO Certified Company in the heart of Dubai, which recognizes the organization to increase it value of professionalism. ISO or widely known as the International Organization for Standardization was secured by the company last August 18, 2014, under the supervision of Engr. Aram Shahriari with its Management Representative Mr. Frijohn Keith Manalastas (Architect) from the Design Department, Ms. Najaf Naqvi of Business, Finance & Administration Department (co-MR), and together with its competent staffs. Before the ISO was issued, the company has undergone (2) two consecutive inspections from the Gulf Quality Management Services represented by Mr. Muhammad Imran, and the 3rd Party from the ISO Organization by Mr. Saifullah Haider, respectively.



Aram Interior & Landscape Design
Al Quoz industrial area 2, near Emirates Printing Press, P.O.Box: 211198, Dubai – UAE            Find us on Google Map aram_interior_design_google_map

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